Arriving to Moscow from the West?

Below are some suggestions for routes to reach Moscow that take you off the highways and will highlight some amazing views and memorable historic sites.

Coming from Seattle, Washington area...

This route follows secondary roads and adds some alternatives to the interstate views.

Coming from John Day, Oregon area...

This route adds several scenic roads in Oregon.

You can also choose to:.

* Visit the lower part of Hells Canyon by going straight on OR71 when you get to Joseph.

This will take you into the National Recreation Area. Just retrace your steps back to Joseph when you are done exploring.

* Bypass Clarkston and Lewiston by taking the Spiral Highway alternative.

This is an old, twisty highway with amazing views of the Snake River.

Several points of interest along the way...

* Oregon Trail National Interpretive Center: just north of Baker City.

* Hells Canyon Overview

* Joseph, OR and Wallowa Lake State Park. Wallowa Lake State Park is renowned for bronze casting Western art.